Great things are about to take place in the lives of our young Gridiron Heroes. They and their families have paid a tremendous cost physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Still, they aggressively take on their injuries with bravery and honor.

You make the difference: your donations help create a support system for each athlete and his family. Allowing  Gridiron Hero representatives to travel to hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Funds help provide written information, inspiration and most of all HOPE.  Allows Gridiron Heroes foundation work with and guide Coaches, schools and administrators on how best to help their injured athlete.

Helps provide long term support to the athlete and families by being able to communicate with other caregivers.

Your funds have assisted in providing durable goods such as: Wheelchairs, hospital beds, portable ramps and other equipment essential to the health and well being of our injured athlete.  Other items Gridiron Heroes have obtained with raise funds are Wheelchair Accessible Vans, home modification, and repairing equipment that insurance or government entities will not pay for.

Lastly, funds raise help pay for special outings and get together in order to help each athlete grow and create a bond.